Neighborhood Stability

Neighborhood stability is one of the core deliverables the L.O.S.T. Battalion is designed to produce. Through a combination of compassionate volunteers, love, support, partnerships with key organizations and leaders, we will provide an opportunity to influence and impact the lives of disadvantaged children like no other. The Intent: Prevention. The Method: Education and Empowerment. The Why: Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Follow us on this journey to add value to our Baltimore, MD Communities.

The Learning & Overcoming Societal Turbulence (L.O.S.T.) Battalion is driven to facilitate the success of disadvantaged youth through community-based networks.

We cannot serve our communities as well without your support. We would love to partner with attorneys, educators, fitness instructors and more. Let us all win together.

While we are still building the foundation for success, we recognize that a donation of your time would be most valuable to youth participating in our programs.

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Office: Irvington Community Center

4115 Frederick Avenue Baltimore, MD 21229

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